About Beverly

dreamstime_xs_56815388Beverly worked at the Level II practitioner for over 12 years before she went on to Master/Teacher. She has been teaching both Level I and II since 1998. She has trained many to Master Practitioners Level and over ten to Master/Teacher Level. She received her training through following Lineage.


Vajra Reiki Master Practitioner since June 2001
This works with the earth energy and releases toxins from
both they physical and the energetic body.

Karuna® Reiki Practitioner since November 2001
This system works with the pink energy of compassion,
cleansing at a cellular level.

Minister with the Universal Life Church since Dec. 2003
Prior to that she was a Minister of the Center for Self Teaching.

Other Training:

She has had 18 years training with The Center for Self Teaching. (Formerly the Temple of Living Prayer.) The spiritual pathway taught was very powerful in opening her to releasing the control of the ego and understand the inner work we all need to do. His teaching were very instrumental in helping her to become the healer she is today. Beverly has been a business owner in Sacramento for over 30 years.